Car hire horses for weddings.

Information and reservations for weddings.

Transfers guest of the bride and groom on horse and carriage. One year, recommended.

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Wedding services at this time,
They should be reported to a year in advance.
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Car hire horses for weddings

at least six months in advance bookings

Reports without compromise:

Dear Sir / a. Before renting a Horse car for your wedding or planning to give a gift like this, to the couple. You should know that traffic imposes rules concerning animal-drawn vehicles and in some saucepans, the ride can not be performed as the client requests.
If the route that you plan for your wedding day, you can do with a car. There is no kind of problem, for the ride of the couple.

If to pick up the bride or to go to church, you have to go through historio open area or city centers. You need to request a permit for this purpose, the municipal police.

Also, if the wedding is in the winter months, when to get the permit must report schedules, events or visits, they want to do.

Rubber horseshoes  
Spotlights decoration

If the bride or staying married, by the pedestrian area of downtown. It is mandatory, placing horseshoes rubber to avoid damaging the soil of these areas (marble floors, usually) and the pony car can not circulate starting dark. Please note that the sources of these cars are mere decoration.

It is strictly along motorways, expressways and all kinds of roads outside the urban area of the city prohibited. Please note that where a car 100 or 80 km / h is circulated, the speed reaches a horse-drawn carriages in these satellite is lower and it would be very dangerous to drive with these carriages with passengers.

In the case of requesting the transfer of guests, please note that a carriage drawn by four horses of Spanish race, have the length, like a bus.
Imagine you need the car of the couple and three cars to transport guests closest, and at rush hour. Imagine the chaos in traffic. For these reasons the reserve for guests should be done year in advance (if possible) to make a study of the route, the processing of the necessary permits and seek the cooperation of the municipal police, for traffic regulation, Si outside the bucket.


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